Edelman Public Relations is known for inventing the Public Relations Industry as is know today.  Dan Edelman is considered the father of Public Relations.  Along with his wife Ruth Edelman, the team set out many years ago to build what is known today as the largest privately owned PR company in the world.  The family Legacy has continued with the Richard, Renee and John Edelman continuiing to run and grow the company.

It would make sense that an innovative company would want to create a space for their employees and clients to convey the changing landscape of the PR industry along with creating a space that would become a valuable asset which could be utilized for multiple use cases and experiences.  Edelman came to us to help them understand how we would approach the

We began by sketching out the installation, and mapping the user experience.  


We went about building one of the largest pop-up books in the world, and made it mobile to boot. 

A giant pop-up book that when educators turned the pages, a giant pop-up replica of the Mosque was revealed, projected mapped with animated content to tell the story of the Mosque and the people who worship there and care for it.  

Each turn of the page was a new adventure. We created a journey around the world for the kids, awe inspiring as each new page came to life with light, sound, animated content and projection mapping.  

The production design and intricacies in developing the magical pop-up book created some of the most interesting design challenges we have experienced.  The constraints created the conditions for our team to work together closely to understand how we could reinvent a moving mobile canvas used for projection.  If you would like to go behind the scenes and learn more about the technical aspects of developing this project you can find more details here.


Many of the valuable learnings from this project have given us valuable insight into developing live immersive experiences.  If you are working on a project that requires an innovation team, please reach out.  We love to build teams around a vision or consult and educate on best practices for inventing and reinventing.   

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