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Edelman invented the Public Relations Industry as it is known today. Dan Edelman is considered the father of PR.  Along with his wife Ruth Edelman, the duo set out many years ago to build what is known today as the largest privately owned PR company in the world.  



The family Legacy has continued with the Richard, Renee and John Edelman continuing to run and grow the company.

Edelman came to us to and asked us to explore how we would design a space for their employees and clients to convey the changing landscape of the PR industry.  They wanted to convert their existing conference room and cafeteria into a warm, inspiring and multi-use area.






In order to make sure we were designing ideas that considered the various stakeholders, we developed an evaluation document which we circulated throughout Edelman's New York office to gather feedback related to the conference room and public spaces in their offices. We gathered the data to uncover areas where space could be utilized in a way that would add value for the employees and clients. 


Our exploration provided us with much insight which was helpful in considering the design of the space. We found that people had a different connection to the area, and depending on the department we were working with, the conference room was currently serving as a multi-purpose room, yet was considered difficult to access and was not user-friendly.


Taking all of the data from individuals into account, we began to consider and research areas of Edelman's business model and how the PR industry was evolving. Understanding the business model and inner-workings of Edelman's business development process helped us to design a space that would add value.

As we learned more about the company dynamics, we started to break apart the rooms into zones. The idea being that zones could be thought about as multi-purpose use cases.  




We envisioned that by reimagining the space as a hub of creativity it would serve multiple use cases and add a lot of value for stakeholders.  We designed the conference room area to be a realtime content development studio.  

We wanted to create a space that felt proffesional, yet inviting.  We took inspiration from a trellis and designed the room to be adaptable to for cameras rigging, lighting rigs or whatever kind of items people wanted to attach to the trellis for their various use cases. 


In addition to designing the physical space, we uncovered that it would be valuable for the employees at Edelman to have a custom platform which would give them the ability to communicate internally and have access to reserving and controlling the room.  


The platform would give them an opportunity to pre-visualize their presentations in a virtual space and let them prepare in advance for meetings, eliminating the stress that often occurs before presentations.




Working on this project we discovered interesting insights into the five generation workforce.  Our research uncovered that there were many opportunities to bridge the divide that is happening in companies as a result of the five generation workforce and the different ways the generations use space and technology.  We would love to bring our knowledge to a project you are working on.  We believe thoughtful design infused with environmental interactivity creates unlimited opportunities to for space to bring people together.  If you are working on a project and you feel you can benefit from our experience, please reach out.

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