The Brief: Create a once-in-a-lifetime visual experience for MTV's Music Experiment for a real-time live shoot in front of real fans for Flux Pavillion's newest music video. And complete the entire project in 2 weeks.


Our solution:  Design and fabricate a custom 5,000 sq. ft. cube and suspend it from the ceiling of an airplane hanger like a giant lampshade and then projection map the entire surface. To pull it off, we also custom created animations for the projection mapping, lighting up the entire cube, creating a massive immersive dance party.


We started by working with a team that combined talent from MTV and Intel to understand the experience they wanted to create at the secret show for the music experiment.   They wanted a design and installation that would inspire the guests to dance and have fun while being transported to an experience like few others. We imagined what an immersive live DJ dance party would be like if it was held in an airplane hanger and placed under a 5,000 sq. ft. cube that was 40 ft high, and then suspended above a crown of dancing of super fans.  


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How we made it:


We started by designing a virtual model of what we imagined the massive cube to look like.  This model gave us an understanding of what we needed to consider beyond construction:  Will it become too hot and crowded inside the cube and potentially limit the experience for the fans? If it's a secret show, how do we maintain secrecy while still filing permits for production? How will the camera and production crew to shoot the music video? 


We answered these questions by creating a cube would be a giant floating canvas, lighting up the room with real-time projection mapping. 


Once the design was set, we got to work on developing the animations that would be deployed during the live event.

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We worked with Flux Pavilion to better understand the kind of music experience he wanted to showcase. Because Flux Pavilion is known as an EDM producer and DJ, we wanted to create motion graphics that would represent and correlate to his music.  


We developed algorithmic animations and built a library of content to deploy in real-time at the show.

We fabricated the giant lampshade canvas and designed a way to quickly rig the entire set within a day.  

For more details on the technical aspects of the project read our blog.

The secret show was so popular it ended up being shut down by the police.  They expected 500 fans and 3,000 showed up.  Regardless our gigantic lampshade served it's purpose.  The fans had a blast and MTV got their music video.

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