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Brazil's First Simulation Experience


Collab was hired by a Brazilian Shopping Mall group to create new ideas, and methods for driving traffic and engagement to their portfolio of malls, specifically a property in Praia da Costa. With the mall’s ownership group, Collab began to brainstorm on how retail could be transformed into an experience to address the changing retail landscape in which people no longer need to shop in physical spaces and how technologies could be used to create valuable experiences for shoppers, as well as drive customers back to retail.

The brainstorming morphed into research, starting with a trip to Orlando.  We wanted to create a spectacle in Brazil by building something that didn’t exist yet anywhere in the country.  In Orlando, we visited the theme parks.  We went on countless rides, from roller coasters to experiential guided tours to simulation rides.  After the trip, we contemplated the possibilities for a few weeks more weeks.  We came to the conclusion that our client should create an immersive sensory experience, one that would pay homage to the past when families sought out merry-go-rounds, ferris wheels, and public parks with carnival-like attractions.  Yet with a 21st century twist.


Our client loved the idea.  We got to work on investigating every aspect involved in developing, and building a theme park ride.  We added members to our team, bringing together a diverse group of talent, with the experience and capabilities to execute a state-of-the-art, Disney style, 24 person simulation ride. This two year project started as a journey of discovery, and became a first and only simulation ride in Brazil.  


To quickly understand the complexities of the project, we began by building a 3-Axis motion simulator in our studio.  We then fabricated a makeshift screen, engineering a show control system to allow for testing of content, scent and special effects.  This raw prototype allowed for additional, larger prototypes to be made, eventually leading to the knowledge, skill and competency to design, program, choreograph, fabricate and install a 24-person ride in Praia da Costa.


Budget: $4 million

24-passenger ride

Panoramic Screen: 172-square-meter compound curve screen, equivalent to the size of an IMAX theater

Synchronized six-axis motion platform simulator

Full sensory experience with special effects including wind, heat, and myst

Dual scented technology

18.3 3D audio system

4K ultra high resolution projectors

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