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the farrah

the farrah

Kiss Products had an innovative curling technology.  They needed a team to turn that technology into a consumer friendly product.  We were inspired by the product and saw many opportunities to unlock new channels of distribution for their company, while leveraging the innovative hair tool they showed us.  We got to work and here's what we did.


We were inspired by the 70's and 80's and felt the tool had the makings of iconic style.  That's why we named it

the farrah.


We designed all of the branding elements that would encompass all aspects of the culture, community and product experience.


Packaging Is Everything

We designed the farrah to be user friendly and accessible.  We imagined if we created a fun unboxing experience it would naturally guide users to integrate the farrah into their daily routine.

Creative Services

Our work combined branding, marketing strategy, content development, web development, social media and strategic planning.  Our team loves to create dynamic campaigns and pathways aimed at harnessing the power of user generated content.  If you would like to learn more about our services please reach out.

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