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Concept Development:

Santiago of the Seas is no ordinary animated series. When kids set sail with this interactive animated show, they go on learning adventures with a young leader named Santiago Montes. He’s brave, kind-hearted, and he’s a pirate who’s always up for action-packed quests on his magical ship, El Bravo! This preschool series features Latino-Caribbean culture and Spanish language.  The deck of El Bravo, the ship from the show was the perfect backdrop to create an experience for the festival. Ahoy!


We began by watching the show and pulling our favorite views of the ship. We wanted to recreate the deck and capture the magical elements of the design.

Our Idea:

Incorporate our favorite elements from the show by recreating the deck of El Bravo so kids (and parents) can take a trip on El Bravo.  We decided to make the experience extra special by incorporating some simple interactions.  

We also wanted to develop an experience that would encompass an adventure on the ship and give kids an interactive activity that would last beyond the event.


We pulled our favorite shapes from the show and designed an interactive set of branded keepsakes that could be distributed at festivals. The set included a bracelet, gauntlet, cuatro, and of course a Pirate Hat. We designed an entertaining and educational activity on the back of each item for kids and parents to work on together. We included a QR code that would give parents additional information about the show.