Meet the Team that Made the

Covid-19 Test Kits for New York City

When the supply chain was broken back in May and traditional Covid-19 test kits were nowhere to be found, the NYCEDC came up with a novel idea: Make test kits right here in New York City. Made for New Yorkers by New Yorkers.  In three weeks the idea went from a concept to execution. The EDC partnered with Einstein Medical to make the VTM, Print Parts to 3D Print swabs, and Collab to make the kits and deliver them to the hospitals and clinics that needed them most.  None of these groups had ever done what they were about to do, but these were desperate times.


Here's the team that showed up to work every day at Collab and delivered 1.7 million Covid-19 test kits in only 6 months.

Photography by Ari Espay