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Photography by Ari Espay

Alvaro Matamor

I was born in Mexico in the state of Tlaxcala. I have been living in New York for 13 years. For me, my favorite thing about it is the Mexican food. What I am passionate about is baseball, going fishing and working to have the satisfaction that my family is well. What I do for fun is going out with my friends in New York. In Mexico, I worked In a company called Industrias Polifil SA De CV, working on chemical, petrochemical, carbochemical and related processes in the Mexican Republic. 

Before working on this project, I worked at Balthazar at the raw bar. Covid 19 will change the way of life in various aspects, whether economic or the way we are used to living, some economies could be favored and some not, but based on what we are living we already have knowledge to be prepared for new diseases. What I would like to do in the future is open a business in my country and be with my family since it has not been easy to be away from my family.

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