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Photography by Ari Espay

Manuel Corte

Hello my name is Manuel Corte Marin and I grew up in Zacatelco, municipality of Tlaxcala in Mexico.

I have been in the US for 23 years and I have returned to Mexico on a few occasions. What I love most about New York is the diversity of foods that are here, going to baseball games and watching the games, especially when the Yankees play Boston.

I have a great passion for cooking. Knowing how to combine flavors, colors, it is an art embodied in a plate. I am trained as an automotive mechanical engineer. I like everything that is related to cars and solving problems that are often easy with knowledge and updating.

When you are doing a job, no matter how easy it may seem, it often has a degree of difficulty, you have to be patient and delicate.

What I do for fun and my passion is baseball since I come from a family that plays this sport.

My previous jobs have been in the kitchen and I have been working for about 15 years in restaurants such as Artisanal, Frenchette, Minneta Tavern, and Asia de Cuba, among many more.

Working in kitchens is a passion that was born when I arrived in this country, it was my first job.

When I was in Mexico studying and working I worked for the Pepsi company as a shop manager and In a tire shop, where I was a shop manager, managing parts quotes and diagnostics.

This disease teaches us to share and show the love we have for people like there is no tomorrow.

In the future I would like to form a mechanic workshop company. I am working on the acquisition of my first workshop in Atlantic City. I have a partner who was my classmate from college and we are both planning it together.

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