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Photography by Ari Espay

Petra Candia

My name is Petra Cania and I was born and raised in Mexico. My favorite thing about New York is the diversity. Something that I really enjoy is having the chance to learn other cultures that are different from mine. 

There are many different foods, languages, cultures and traditions that you see here on a regular basis. For many years I worked as a babysitter and now I am a housewife, sharing and enjoying many special moments with my family. 

One of the many things that I enjoy is cooking as I like having the chance to share my culture with others. With my traditional mexican dishes, I give my children the experience of the different foods that I grew up with.

With Covid, people in the future will be more cautious with their surroundings. Society will be more involved with matters concerning their health. The community will have to work together to prevent the spread of the virus.

In the future I would like to help my community in any way that I can.

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